Seeking to know Jesus and make Him known in Stevenage

Listen Again…

At St Nicholas we believe that studying God’s Word, the Bible, is essential for nurturing a growing faith. Use the links below to ‘listen again‘ to one of our recent sermons. Alternatively, you can filter the whole archive by date, speaker, sermon series or Bible book.

Equipping those who are sent: Matthew 10:9-15

Jesus sends out the 12… but tells them not to take everything. They were to rely on God to provide, as our we. Others were to be used to give… so are we. Practical help for life and mission here on our Harvest Sunday. Matthew 10:9-15. Watch the service here:

Called to Go! Matthew 10:1-8

Jesus gave a call to his 12 disciples to go out with the gospel. But who was to go? What authority did they have? And with what message and to whom were they sent? And what does that all mean for us, disciples of Jesus, some 2000 years later? Join us as we find out…

Christianity #101: The Precious Privilege of Prayer

Why is prayer such a privilege? The Christian has unfettered access to Almighty God in prayer; it’s where we encounter God, and it’s through those encounters with God that our desires, character and situation are changed by God. Join as we consider the privilege of prayer from Luke 11:1-13.

Christianity #101: The Bible in the Life of Christians

The Bible is God’s letter of love to his people. It’s full of glorious benefits for sinners, it’s a truth which needs passing on, and over which there is a battle raging. Join us as we hear what St Paul has to say as he writes a letter to his protégé, Timothy. 2 Timothy 3:10-4:8