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Sermons from September 2018

Studies in Isaiah: Egypt and the Arrogance of Wisdom

Egypt was proud of their religious wisdom, proud of their economic wisdom and proud of their ‘everyday, how we see the world, what to do in a crisis’ wisdom. And Judah looked on and wondered if Egypt could be trusted to protect them from Assyria. But Egypt’s wisdom was folly. God would show up the foolishness of the wise and prove to be far wiser and more gracious than anyone could imagine.

Isaiah: Babylon and the Arrogance of Power

The first of a series on the oracles of Isaiah against the nations. This time the focus is on Babylon and the arrogance of power -“We are invincible. God doesn’t see. There will be no judgement. We can behave however we like.” A common thought for those with great power, but absolutely wrong.