Seeking to know Jesus and make Him known in Stevenage

Sermons by Stephen Lovelock

Stephen is a committed member of the St Nicholas congregation. He joined the church in 2015, having previously been actively involved with St Andrew the Great, Cambridge. Stephen occasionally leads services and gives talks, including at the all-age ‘church: RELOADED’ sessions on Sunday afternoons.

Isaiah 58 v1-14

True fasting: What Godly Living Looks Like It’s easy to put on a mask and act the part of a true disciple. This chapter deals with that problem head on and leaves us not just with a challenge but a reminder of God’s generous grace. [Bible passage=”Isaiah 58:1-14″]

The Majestic Creator God- Psalm 8

“O Lord!” Cries the Psalmist, “How Majestic is your name in all the earth!” Perhaps you’ve done the same when overwhelmed by the beauty of creation or the new baby in your arms. Often we get stuck marvelling at the creation – but this Psalm takes us to the One who made it all.