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Sermons from July 2019

Matthew 5: 17-20 Jesus The Fulfiller of the Law

Jesus brings a radical gospel message but that doesn’t mean that he dismisses the Old Testament with its Law and Prophets. No, Jesus fulfils them, totally, in a variety of ways and helps us see their wonderful value. [Bible passage=”Matthew 5:17-20″] Sermon preached by Dave Brown on 14th July, 2019.

Holy Salt and Visible Light: Mathew 5: 13-16

There should be no such thing as an invisible disciple of Jesus. We are holy salt- and should make a difference in the world. We are visible light- and should speak of Jesus. A talk with plenty of practical tips to help us live and speak as we should. [Bible passage=”Matthew 5:13-16″] Sermon preached by…