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Home Groups

Bible Study GroupSmall group, cell group, house fellowship, Bible study – different churches will give different names to what we at St Nicholas call a ‘Home Group‘.

For us, a Home Group is a smaller group of church members (maybe up to 12 people) who meet together mid-week in someone’s home to study the Bible, pray and share fellowship. Meetings usually take place fortnightly.

We have a number of Home Groups – some very well-established and some quite new. Most groups follow a range of study methods – e.g. a published course of Bible studies, reading and discussing a Christian book, exploring themes from the Sunday sermon or independently planned study of a Bible book.

Home GroupWhatever the method, the aim is the same – to deepen our relationships with God and each other, to grow in love and knowledge of God and to learn how best to support one another in the church.

If St Nicholas is your church, and you are not already in a Home Group, we strongly encourage you to join one.

Day Time Leader(s) Home Venue
Monday 2 – 3.30pm Philip Walker In person
7.30 – 10pm John Knight In person
 Wednesday 7.45 – 9.30pm Mike Wilton In person
 Thursday 7.45 – 9.30pm  Philip Walker, Karen Walker In person
 Thursday 8 – 9.30pm  John & Elaine Forster In person

You can make contact with a Home Group leader directly, to see if their group has room for another member, or alternatively get in touch with Edward Keene.