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Listen Again…

At St Nicholas we believe that studying God’s Word, the Bible, is essential¬†for nurturing a growing faith. Use the links below to ‘listen again‘ to one of our recent sermons. Alternatively, you can filter the whole archive by date, speaker, sermon series or Bible book.

Matthew 9v9-17

2 Questions about behaviour (Jesus’ behaviour and that of his disciples) give us a window onto the nature of God’s kingdom… and challenge to us to live it out. [Bible passage =”Matthew 9:9-17″]

Matthew 8:5-17 Mercy, Faith and a Big Decision

God’s mercy is wide enough for all- but is available just through Jesus. So what will we decide to do? Will we trust him with our souls and our every days? To do so isn’t folly- but a reasonable decision, for Jesus has absolute powerful and is utterly trustworthy. [Bible passage=”Matthew 8:5-17″]