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Sermons from August 2019

The Transgender Agenda: Genesis 1: 1-31

How should we react to the new ideology which claims that gender is fluid and can be changed at will to suit the feelings of an individual? How should we react towards people who would define themselves in this way? Does the Bible have anything to say on this issue? And if so, where do…

Whose World Is It Anyway? Acts 17:16-34

New Series: A Better Story: The Good News of the Gospel in a Sex-Obsessed Age. We start our series on sexual ethics by considering where our ultimate authority for deciding on these (and any) matters comes from. Are we autonomous and free to decide right and wrong for ourselves? Or since this is God’s world,…

Responding to Evil: Matthew 5: 38-48

Revenge, retaliation and defending our rights: That’s the world in which we live and the way our hearts work (even if we don’t always act on it!) But Jesus has another way- a way of turning the other cheek, loving our enemies and praying for those who persecute us. Hard? Yes! But it’s a must-do…

Keeping Promises: Matthew 5: 31-37

With fake news apparently filling our airwaves and promises by politicians (and others) often not worth the paper they are written on, what does Jesus say about the need to keep our word? Listen and find out. Sermon preached by Rev Ray Porter- Sunday 28th July, 2019.