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Gospel Manifesto

In Paul’s letter to the church at Rome, he outlines the fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith. This sermon series works through the whole book of Romans in two halves: from January to March 2016 and then September to November 2016.

Making Christ Known

Romans 15 – This remembrance day we consider how the kingdom of God advances, not through war, but through a great message of peace. We learn from Paul’s example how we should go about our Christian duty of telling others about Jesus.

With One Heart

Romans 15 – The practical application to our lives of the wonderful good news of Jesus continues; Today we see Paul address our attitude to ourselves and others, as well as talk about accepting each other.

Pay What You Owe

Romans 13 – How should we live as Christians in a secular state? Paul has some clear words of advice and 5 reasons why we should live as loyal, obedient, tax-paying, respectful citizens – whatever our government is like.