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Sermons from September 2020

It’s Make Your Mind Up Time! Matthew 11:1-19

This chapter marks a shift in Matthew’s Gospel. Up until now, Jesus has been active in teaching and miraculous signs, and largely lauded by the crowds. But having shown more than adequate proof of who he is, he calls on people to make a decision for him. First though, he must answer the doubts of…

Equipping those who are sent: Matthew 10:9-15

Jesus sends out the 12… but tells them not to take everything. They were to rely on God to provide, as our we. Others were to be used to give… so are we. Practical help for life and mission here on our Harvest Sunday. Matthew 10:9-15. Watch the service here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=311402010152869&extid=eRutWky8kvnCpPJ3

Called to Go! Matthew 10:1-8

Jesus gave a call to his 12 disciples to go out with the gospel. But who was to go? What authority did they have? And with what message and to whom were they sent? And what does that all mean for us, disciples of Jesus, some 2000 years later? Join us as we find out…