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Happy Easter

At Easter Christians celebrate the most joyful occasion in human history.

That first Easter morning Jesus Christ defeated sin and death when He rose from the grave. The curse which banished Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden was finally broken. The judgement for any and all sin – across the whole of time – had fallen on Jesus as He hung on the cross. When Jesus died He took the punishment for all that sin on himself and became the ultimate expression of God’s perfect justice and infinite mercy.

We read in the gospel accounts of the New Testament that as Jesus died on Good Friday, the curtain in the Sanctuary of the Temple was torn completely into two halves, from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51). Sin cannot survive in the presence of a holy God – just as Adam and Eve could no longer live in the garden once sin had taken root in them – so it was unsafe for people to enter the Temple Sanctuary, where God’s presence dwelt. But with His death on the cross, Jesus crushed the power of sin to separate us from God and so the way back to God’s presence was opened again. The safety curtain is no longer necessary for those who have put their trust in Jesus to deal with their sin.

At St Nicholas Church we run a variety of events throughout Lent and into Holy Week to help us explore, consider and celebrate the wonderful rescue which Jesus achieved for us on the cross. We hope that you will join us this Easter to share in some of the joy that the new life He offers to those who trust in Him.

For information about events this Easter, please see our online calendar.