A Bible-believing, Jesus proclaiming, people-loving community

What is our vision?

This vision was adopted by our PCC and presented to the church at our APCM in 2012. These values underpin all we do.

MAP pie chartGrounded in the Bible: The Bible is our foundation.  We need to make sure we are reading it ourselves, are studying it with others in small groups, and reflecting on what is taught on Sundays. The Bible teaching we receive should be honest to the text, passionate in delivery and relevant to our lives.

Growing in number:  Evangelism is our mission. As  individuals and as a church we have a God-given mission to pass on the gospel message. We need to train and encourage each other to tell others about Jesus to make that witness more effective.

Glorifying God:  This is our watchword.  From our welcome to our music to our coffee, printed and online materials, everything we do needs to be done as well as we can because we are doing it for God and His glory.

Greater in likeness to Jesus:  This is our aim.  As individuals and as a church we want to grow more like Jesus in our character. We want to become mature disciple-making disciples whose lives reflect Jesus.

Glued together in a loving community:  This is our family.  We are not called to follow Jesus on our own but as a community. We want to love and serve each other and share our lives. We want to be a church where people eat, drink, celebrate, laugh, cry and mourn together, doing all in the presence of Jesus who is with us by His Spirit.

Mission Action Plan

Our first Mission Action Plan was developed over the autumn and spring of 2011/12 and presented to the Annual Parish Church Meeting on 25th March 2012.  It focusses on our 5 core values as above.

The original plan has now been reviewed three times and a new MAP was adopted by the PCC in January 2021. Click to read full details of the Mission Action Plan 2022-2024 

The PCC will monitor the implementation of the MAP at every meeting.