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Listen Again…

At St Nicholas we believe that studying God’s Word, the Bible, is essential¬†for nurturing a growing faith. Use the links below to ‘listen again‘ to one of our recent sermons. Alternatively, you can filter the whole archive by date, speaker, sermon series or Bible book.

Studies in Isaiah: The Suffering Servant

HOW can God be both just and gracious? HOW can he deal with sin and pardon the guilty? Through the suffering and death of the suffering servant. [Bible passage=”Isaiah 52:13-15″] [Bible passage=”Isaiah 53:1-12″] Sermon given by Rev Dave Brown on Sunday 7th April, 2019.

Studies in Isaiah: AWAKE! Isaiah 51:9-52:12

Awake! Your God does not sleep. Awake! Your redemption has been paid for. Awake! You have been revalued and recommissioned. [Bible passage=”Isaiah 51:9-23″] [Bible passage=”Isaiah 52: 1-12″] Sermon given by Stephen Lovelock on 31st March, 2019.

LISTEN! Isaiah 51: 1-8

Wavering in your faith? Wondering is God can deliver on his promises? Looking for grounds to hope in the LORD? LISTEN to Isaiah and look back for your assurance, look forward with confidence and stand firm without fear. Sermon preached by Dave Brown on 24th March, 2019. [Bible passage=”Isaiah 51:1-8″]

Studies in Isaiah: The Obedient Servant

God’s Old Testament people felt abandoned by God, but God had not given up on them. We hear God’s promises to them and about a faithful, obedient Servant who will come and through whom God will finally deal with people’s sin. [Bible passage=”Isaiah 50:1-11″] Sermon preached by Dave Brown on Sunday 17th March, 2019.