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Sermons from January 2017

All You Need is Love

Ecclesiates 4:1-12: We long for love and community because we were created by a loving God of community – the world and our relationships are marred by the abuse of power, envy and loneliness. There is a better way – because “two are better than one” and “a chord of three strands is not easily broken” but even our best relationships and friendships are only a fraction of the BEST God has prepared for those who love him.

What’s the point?

Ecclesiates 2: 1-26 – The writer of Ecclesiates wants to find if there is anything “under the sun” which has a clear eternal value so he examines fun, money, work, sex, achievements and discovers that they are are all “meaningless – a chasing after the wind.” So what’s the point in life? Listen and see what he has to say!