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Contending for the Faith…

Stay or leave?  And if we are to leave, then on what basis?  How should we do it?  Perhaps you’ve had some discussions about that topic this week!

On Tuesday and Wednesday I was in London at a gathering which, for part of the time at least, discussed the same question.  Only it wasn’t about BREXIT- it was about the Church of England.  In some ways the discussions were similar to those before the referendum: “The CofE has changed, it’s lost sight of its original purpose and is heading in the wrong direction.  Should we stay and fight, or jump ship?”

The majority of those gathered, including myself, were in stay and fight mode.  Stay and contend for the faith once delivered to the saints: Stay and contend for the soul of the church, for gospel-centred mission, for clergy to believe the Bible, and for Bishops to defend the faith, refute error and shepherd the flock faithfully in accordance with the Bible and the 39 Articles, as they promised at their ordination.

Because sadly, it is a fight.  In the church, as well as in culture as a whole, there are many, including many Bishops, who have left a trust in the scriptures and the teachings of the church far behind, and there are many others who don’t seem to care.  That’s a worrying state of affairs- for the church and the nation.

HOW we at St Nicks contend and make a stand for the gospel; how we refute error and how we distance ourselves from those who have left orthodoxy far behind is something we need to consider over the coming months.  But for now, let’s make sure we know the truth of the gospel and are standing firm in it.  It is the power of God to save those who believe, and it is the greatest treasure we have to give.