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Are you ready for Easter?

We talk a lot about getting ready for Christmas, but it’s rare I hear anyone talking about getting ready for Easter.  Perhaps that’s because there’s no need to buy everyone gifts and because it’s not so much of a family time where food and festivities take over.  But for the Christian, getting ready for Easter is vital.

Of course, that’s what Lent is supposed to do.  Many of you have been taking part in our Lent Course- The Forgotten Cross, do tell me what you’ve made of the studies.  Others will have given something up.  Still others will have read a good book or set time aside to pray.  Sadly, life is often so busy that even good things like these can become add-ons rather than things that refresh our souls.  And if Easter is to affect us as it should, that’s what we need.

So for all who feel that Easter is coming up too fast and aren’t quite ready, here’s my late-comers recipe for the coming week- to get us all ready for Easter. 

1: Over the next week, set aside 30 minutes to read & pray. Use that time to read a portion of Mark’s Gospel- so you read the book in a week.  I’d also suggest reading slowly through Psalm 22 and Isaiah 52:13-53:12 on alternate days.  As you pray, ask God to help you understand what it cost Jesus to pay the price of your sin.

2: At the end of each day, make a list (on paper or in your head) of every blessing you have received that day.  Thank God for his ongoing grace which began in Jesus.

3: Look to do one act of generous service each day.  Try to make your act of service invisible to the person receiving it, or at least unexpected.