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Spiritual Holiday

Over the summer things in church slow down a little, except for the weddings! Regular groups and activities come to a temporary halt and many of us are fortunate enough to get a holiday. But whilst we all benefit from a change of scenery and a break from work from time to time, we also…

A faith for the worst of times

Well, it’s over! Perhaps like me you felt that the day was never going to arrive and by the time it did you were rather sick of all the shouty debates, the over-extravagant claims and the wild predictions of fear and collapse that each side threw at each other. Well, it did come. Millions did…

Are you in or out?

So, are you in or out? In just a few days time we’ll be asked to vote on that very question: do we stay within the EU or do we vote to leave? Whatever the merits of each case (and there obviously are positives on both sides), what has struck me is the way that…

moMENtum Photography 2016

After one of their regular curry nights at The Standing Order, the men of St Nicholas Church challenged themselves to take the most interesting photographs around Stevenage Old Town. There were entries in three categories: things ‘God-made‘, things ‘Man-Made‘ and things that were Surprising (i.e. that you’d never noticed until you had gone looking…) God-Made Man-Made Surprise