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Spiritual Holiday

Over the summer things in church slow down a little, except for the weddings! Regular groups and activities come to a temporary halt and many of us are fortunate enough to get a holiday. But whilst we all benefit from a change of scenery and a break from work from time to time, we also need regular spiritual refreshment to keep our souls faithful and joyful as we follow Jesus.

Sadly, when many Christians take a break from work they also take a break from Church and from those vital spiritual disciplines of reading the Bible and praying that keep us close to God. And so whilst they return with their bodies and minds refreshed, their souls come back tired.

So if you have a holiday this summer, why not try to get to church wherever you go? Most towns have at least one good church. And if that’s difficult, make sure you pack your Bible and read it and pray each day. You might want to grab a book from the bookstall too.

Have a good break and enjoy the rest – but look after your soul too!