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Posts from 2016

Are you vaccinating yourself against Jesus?

I don’t know about you but I have already had my first cold of the season. Not full-blown man flu, but unpleasant and draining nevertheless.  So, as soon as I have shaken this virus off, I will be getting myself the latest flu vaccine so that hopefully I won’t have to endure anything worse than…

Relying on the grace and mercy of God

Harvest is a time when the church across the ages has given thanks to God for sending the rain and sun which make the plants grow and give us food to eat and flowers to enjoy. So whilst the Bible is clear in its admiration of farm workers, allotment owners and gardeners alike for their…

Forgiveness – free but not cheap

I suspect many of you were glued to the Olympic Games from Rio over the summer. The Olympic Games are always a fantastic spectacle; an event where athletes chase glory rather than financial rewards and where (usually!) the camaraderie and sportsmanship shine through in a way we don’t see in professional sport. (It’s even better…

moMENtum Summer Walk 2016

A few photos from the moMENtum Summer Walk 2016 on Thursday 18th August. We met at the White Lion in Walkern and placed a food order. After walking up a bit of an appetite, whilst enjoying the rolling Hertfordshire countryside, we reconvened back at the pub to enjoy our supper.