Seeking to know Jesus and make Him known in Stevenage

Relying on the grace and mercy of God

Harvest is a time when the church across the ages has given thanks to God for sending the rain and sun which make the plants grow and give us food to eat and flowers to enjoy. So whilst the Bible is clear in its admiration of farm workers, allotment owners and gardeners alike for their hard work in planting and tending crops, it’s also absolutely clear that God is the ultimate cause of all we have.

HE sends the rain. HE causes the sun to shine. In fact it is GOD that gives the knowledge, skill and energy to the farmers and food producers, tractor drivers, supermarket workers and cooks that enable us to enjoy such a wonderful array of good food and wonderful flowers. And if all those things weren’t enough, God’s also sent his son Jesus—the one who is the true bread and water of life—to satisfy our deepest spiritual need for love, forgiveness, purpose, significance and eternal life.

At harvest we give thanks for God’s goodness and remind ourselves that for all things, material and spiritual, we rely on the grace and mercy of God.

So why not come along to church this harvest time? Be awed and humbled and join with us as we give thanks for the work of our glorious Creator!