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Spiritual vision: the need to focus properly

I’ve had a problem with my eyesight this week. I haven’t been focusing very well. Things that should have been clear have become blurry and out of focus, whilst the things on the edge of my vision have become sharper.  To be honest it’s a problem I have often.  But I don’t need to go to see an optician; because the eyes I’ve been having problems with are my spiritual eyes.  

This week practical things at home and pastoral concerns within our church family have been filling my mind and dominating my waking hours.   So much so that on occasions Jesus, his might and power and authority, has often faded into the background of my thinking.  And that’s when things can start to go wrong. 

As a compulsive fixer I’m tempted to imagine that I can fix everything.  But I can’t. Outside Christ, I have nothing of value to offer. All the gifts and talents I have (and that you have) come from him.  Imagining that all problems have a ‘Dave Brown shaped solution’ is not only arrogant, but foolish.  The post of Saviour has already been taken, by Jesus, not by me!  I needed reminding of that this week.

Losing clear-sight of Jesus also meant problems and difficulties were magnified. Without Jesus in the centre of my thinking, molehills turned into mountains; light showers turned into torrential storms; and temporary difficulties seemed to stretch into eternity.  When Jesus is on the edge of my vision and thinking, life is too hard.  Problems are magnified difficulties whilst the spiritual resources to meet those challenges seem to be diminished, because I’m no longer looking at Jesus. 

But, whatever my circumstances, whatever difficulties lie ahead, however I am feeling, Jesus is still Lord.  His power has not waned. His love has not faded. His compassion has not run out.  And he has promised never to leave or forsake me.  Only when I take my eyes off Jesus do the waves seem too rough.  But when I keep my eyes on Jesus I can sing with confidence the words from the hymn, ‘In Heavenly Love Abiding’: The storm may roar about me, my heart may low be laid; but God is round about me, how can I be dismayed!