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Some notes for our APCM… and the results!

Dear Friends,

This Sunday after the main morning service we have our Annual Parochial Church Meeting.  APCM’s are not often exciting, but they are part of the structure of our church and have a vitally important role to play in how the church is run.  So, for the sake of those who don’t know or have forgotten, here’s a simple guide.

  • APCMs happen every year and anyone can attend.
  • They are made up of two meetings: the Meeting of the Parishioners (this includes those who worship at the church and all who live in the parish) and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting – where only those on the Electoral Roll (ER) can vote.
  • The Meeting of the Parishioners elects the church wardens.
  • The APCM elects members to the PCC, and also receives reports on the previous year’s activities.  This includes receiving reports on the ER, the church finances, the state of the building and fabric of the church and its mission activities. 
  • APCMs give an opportunity to ask questions of the Rector and Church Wardens, whether on the reports or on other subjects under ‘any other business,’ although items for AOB should be submitted by 11am on the day of the meeting. My Rector’s Report will be emailed out with the notice sheet for next week.
  • PCC members serve a 3-year term, which can be renewed for a further 3 years, before a break of at least a year is enforced.  Church Wardens serve for 1-year terms which can be normally repeated up to a maximum of 6 years’ service.
  • This year we are electing 1 new church warden (Nigel is stepping down) but Steve Bamford is willing to stand again, and Karen Walker has also been nominated. (stop press: both Karen and Steve were elected.)
  • We also need to elect 4 new members to the PCC.  These should be men and women of integrity and a clear faith who have shown a willingness to serve the church family.  Is this you?  Or can you nominate someone?  Nomination forms are in the lobby and should be completed by 11am Sunday. (stop press: Cathy Bibby, Stuart Marshall, Edward Kaahwa and Chris Taplin were elected)