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Post Election Musings…

I’m writing this on Friday morning with the election results still buzzing around my head. The size of the Conservative majority shocked many people, delighting some and terrifying others, but the reality is that we now have a Conservative government committed to “get Brexit done!” But whatever our political allegiances, as Christians we can and should take a broader view. Here are four things to help you do that.

Thankfulness: Yesterday we got to vote in free and fair elections. There was no violence or voter intimidation. And in 5 years’ time, we get to peacefully overthrow the government if they don’t make good on their promises.

Confidence:  God is in complete control of his world.  That is true today under a Tory government and it would have been true whoever won the election.  History always moves to God’s chosen ends, so we must not give in to despair.  God rules.  Jesus will return. So do not give in to fear!

Humility: This election has been marked by many cruel and often poisonous attacks on those on the opposite side of the debate.  As Christians, we must resist contributing to this.  We have a new Prime Minister: let’s give him the honour and respect his position deserves. We have a country that needs Jesus, in humility, let’s respect, love and serve everyone, whoever they voted for.

Prayerfulness: In 1 Timothy 2, Paul urges that “petitions, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving be made for all people – for Kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.”  So if you were praying for a Tory victory: don’t stop praying now. If you were praying for a Labour or Lib Dem landslide, don’t stop praying now.  Our Prime Minister, his government, and our country need our prayers.