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A Better Story: Better than Sex

If abortion is one of the most delicate subjects, the hottest topic is sex, including same-sex relationships.  I’ve spoken about the Bible’s teaching on this issue before, so what I’m about to say won’t come as a shock.  But the idea that it is good news might well do!

Just for clarity, let me state again what the Bible clearly teaches: that sex only belongs within the context of heterosexual marriage.  To our sex-obsessed culture that is bad news.  Sex today is seen as a human right, without which a person cannot be fulfilled or truly human.  Seen in those terms, you can understand why people get so angry when the Bible’s view is expressed, and why many would laugh at the notion that enforced celibacy for some could be good news. But it is.  Because Jesus is a greater prize. 

To have a relationship with Jesus is what life is all about.  Sex, intimacy, friendship, even marriage, are great gifts from God, but they cannot meet our deepest needs.  Only God can do that.  What’s more, to claim that we cannot be fully human without sexual intimacy is ludicrous and offensive.  Children are fully human.  Those too old or infirm to have sexual relations are still fully human.  And Jesus was fully human.  And he lived a holy, celibate life.

Whilst we cannot expect those who do not know Jesus to live by his teaching in this area, for those following Jesus and not in a heterosexual marriage celibacy must be the path they walk.  It isn’t easy, and people struggling in this area (gay or straight) need our love, our support and our friendship.  They need to know that they are welcome in our families even if they will never have one of their own.  But most of all they need Jesus, as we all do.

100 years from now we won’t be worried about our sex lives.  Nothing in this life will matter then.  But in Christ we have the promise of eternal pleasures in God’s eternal and glorious kingdom.  And whatever sacrifices we may be called to make now to follow Jesus will be the wisest investment we ever make.