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Safeguarding training

Part of our Safeguarding Policy

7.1: Who needs which level of training

The CofE designates training requirements for differing roles which can be seen below.

Basic Awareness
Recommended for anyone who needs a basic level of awareness of safeguarding.
Required for anyone who has safeguarding responsibilities/ contact with children and/ or vulnerable adults.
Required for anyone who has safeguarding leadership responsibilities/ Leading activities involving children and / or vulnerable adults.
Clergy and Lay Ministers
Those holding a license, commission, authorisation, Permission to Officiate from a Bishop; Ordained or Lay.
Senior Staff
Senior staff who have key roles in safeguarding policy, strategy and practice.

After 3 years, repeat the highest level of training previously completed

Up to date details of the roles and the different levels of training required can be found here.

7.2: Training Requirements for different roles in detail

C 0 1 2 3
Incumbent and Clergy, Licensed Lay Minsters e.g. Readers
Parish workers with children/ vulnerable adults (paid or volunteer)
PCC safeguarding Lead
Leaders/Supervisors of work with children/vulnerable adults (paid or volunteer)
Church Operations Manager
Church Wardens
PCC member
Youth and Children’s Pastors
Music Group leader/Choir Leaders
Bell Tower Captains

7.3: Accessing C0 and C1 training online

In order to access the course visit

Once on this Welcome page, those wishing to complete the course should click on ‘Online Courses’ and then login (or register if not already done so) and choose module C0 or module C1.

7.4: What leaders training events are available?

For leaders and those in positions of responsibility who need C2, C3, C4 or S1 levels and others, you can see what training is available locally, click here