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What is it?

When you shop online, you can now generate FREE donations for St Nicholas Church with!

It’s really simple and it won’t cost you a penny… Check it out on this video.

What’s more, you can generate an extra £1 for St Nicholas Church when you register via our special sign-up link:

All donations come to St Nicholas Church directly – you don’t have to make any payments yourself. You can even opt to Gift Aid these donations, which will automatically add an extra 25% onto these already FREE donations!

A nice added extra with is their Donation Reminder. This is an add-on for your browser, which you will be invited to install during the sign-up process. We recommend that you do this – the add-on makes it easier to search for participating retailers and for many websites a reminder message will pop up inviting you to activate donations, if you forgot to check that retailer in the list first!