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Further Study (Page 4)

Christian Books

A couple readingWhile no substitute for The Good Book, it is also good practice to be reading a good book – that is, a Christian one.

St Nicholas has a church bookstall where we offer a small selection of recommended reads at reduced prices, which you can pick up after any Sunday service. We often also have leaflets, booklets and Bible study notes to give away – free of charge! Make sure to take a look next time you are in church.

In partnership with www.10ofthose.com, we also have an online bookstore at http://www.10ofthose.com/partners/saintnicholaschurch.

Click the link to see recommended titles for our church context. Any purchases made via this link will earn a commission of 3% for St Nicholas Church, Stevenage.

Read their Mission Statement

We recommend 10ofthose.com because they are a Christian organisation offering quality Christian reading materials at discounted prices.

A limited company, their aim is ‘to support Christian mission through the provision of quality Christian resources’. Their profits support the distribution of Christian resources around the world.