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Leadership… and the one leader we can truly trust

Over the last couple of weeks the media has been full of stories about the Conservative party’s search for a new leader, and a new prime minister.  It hasn’t always been edifying, and there is a good deal more of it to come yet, but finding the right leader is so important. Our country, like every other, needs a leader of vision and character, of intelligence and compassion; one who is able to communicate well, negotiate carefully and lead by example. 

Whether any of the candidates fit that bill waits to be seen, and ultimately only God knows their hearts.  But we should wary about being too optimistic.  None of these candidates can solve all our problems, or unite the country, or end crime, or bring lasting peace to our nation, let alone the world.  And before you think I’m being party political, let me be clear that those things are true for the leaders of the other political parties as well.  Just like the failed Kings of the Old Testament, none of our leaders, not even the very best, can truly deliver what we need.

But there is one who can. There is one whose words and character match up perfectly. There is one whose vision for the future is achievable. There is one whose rhetoric is backed up by glorious actions.  There is one whose kingdom will come.  And that, of course, is Jesus.  He is the leader we truly need.

So when people are debating the merits of different candidates, why not point out that the kind of perfect leader they are looking for is only found in Jesus!  But whoever wins the contest, let’s make sure that we give them the respect that their God-ordained position demands.  And let’s sure pray for them regularly to know the grace and peace and divine guidance of God as they lead our nation.