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Easter Fun Day 2017

Our Easter Fun Day on Sunday 9th April 2017 was a huge success with loads of free games and fun activities and lots of families turning for a chance to discover the real Easter Story. Activities included an Easter egg hunt around the church yard, parachuting teddies from the top of the tower (although some unlucky teddies did get stranded in a…

moMENtum Summer Walk 2016

A few photos from the moMENtum Summer Walk 2016 on Thursday 18th August. We met at the White Lion in Walkern and placed a food order. After walking up a bit of an appetite, whilst enjoying the rolling Hertfordshire countryside, we reconvened back at the pub to enjoy our supper.

moMENtum Photography 2016

After one of their regular curry nights at The Standing Order, the men of St Nicholas Church challenged themselves to take the most interesting photographs around Stevenage Old Town. There were entries in three categories: things ‘God-made‘, things ‘Man-Made‘ and things that were Surprising (i.e. that you’d never noticed until you had gone looking…) God-Made Man-Made Surprise

moMENtum Steak Night 2016

Taking advantage of the weekly steak night at The Standing Order, moMENtum met for great food and good chat on Tuesday 19th April 2016. Instead of a guest speaker, we nominated a topic for discussion and a fun time was had by all.