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Bite-Sized Bible: James

This letter, written by James one of the half-brothers of Jesus, is intensely practical and so deeply challenging. James writes to Christians scattered across the world, those who have been saved by faith by the grace of God, and shows that their lives must now be different. Be prepared to be prompted to repent and to ask for God’s help to live…

Bite-Sized Bible: Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a counted amongst the major prophets for a reason- and not just because his book is long. His ministry spanned many decades and stood the test of time. His words come across the centuries to us and bring us the same challenge and encouragement to put our trust in God alone. You can watch it here:

Bite-Sized Bible: Job

Job is far more than one man’s story, it’s a meditation on the nature of suffering and what to do when the ‘why me’ questions start to rise in our hearts. To watch the video- click here: